Recipe For Chaos – The Book

RECIPE FOR CHAOS is my next book slated for release at the end of July 2017.

This book is the result of thirty-five years of ‘Vernlogic’ running amok in my head. I couldn’t ignore the reality that I see before me any longer. Once you read this book, your outlook on life, on reality as you know it, will be forever changed. I don’t think that’s too grand a statement. You couldn’t help but change. It’s a real cranial-cracker.

Before you light-up your keyboard, I’m not sure what the cover will look like. I don’t even know the subtitle. Here are some possibilities:

  • RECIPE FOR CHAOS – What If God Came Back and Someone Hit Him with a Bat?
  • RECIPE FOR CHAOS – What if God Returned and Someone Kicked His Ass?
  • RECIPE FOR CHAOS – God Isn’t Finished Kicking Your Ass
  • RECIPE FOR CHAOS – Has Life Got You Down?
  • RECIPE FOR CHAOS – He’s Either Running the Show, or He’s Not…
  • RECIPE FOR CHAOS – What If We’re God’s Ant-Farm?
  • RECIPE FOR CHAOS – What If God Returned and Someone Kicked His Ass Up and Down the Block?

I don’t know. It won’t be any of those, I just had to get them out of my system.

OK, Update 4/18/2017 – The subtitle is: An Imaginative Explanation of Just What Exactly the F*ck is Going on Here

I like that. It sums it up beautifully.

Tentative release date: 15 July 2017. Come back here, or search Amazon for it around that time. This will be ebook format only, unless there is some unquenchable demand for paperback that I can’t seem to ignore.


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  1. As you can see, my timeline is way off… I mean, WAY OFF. It’s Dec 1st, 2016 Jan 18, 2017. I’m probably 30 days away from completing this. Or 30 years. Let’s see what happens…

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