This Is WHY Sharks and Snakes Will Make You Scream…

You’re probably afraid of snakes and sharks. I work with snakes. I find them, shoot photos, videos, and let them go. I don’t do sharks. AT ALL.

I was wondering…

What IS IT about Sharks and Snakes that Makes All of Us Scream Hysterically?

1. WE NEVER SEE THEM. It’s kind of like someone saying they are not afraid of ghosts, and then a ghost is behind them, they turn, and drop mud all over the floor, screaming like a 4 year old. We see bugs everyday. We see wasps and bees often too. We don’t see snakes or sharks, so they’re mysterious to us. Mysterious = Scary. If we saw them more, we’d be less afraid of them.

2. THEY SEE US, BUT WE DON’T KNOW IT! Same-same, but different. We know sharks are lurking about, smelling our cut finger blood in one part per million. We know snakes are under our homes, vehicles, and baby’s stroller. We know there are packs of them in the attic. They know us! But, we don’t know them. They’re creepy like that.

3. THEY DON’T MAKE ANY NOISE. For some reason, a Tiger, Lion, Bear, and Tasmanian Devil are all less scary to us. Why? We can hear them walking around. We have half-a-chance at least, of escaping them in the wild. Snakes make no noise at all until right before they strike. IF YOU’RE LUCKY. You might hear a rattle or a hiss before it sinks fangs into your calf muscle. IF… YOU’RE… LUCKY!

4. THEY’RE DEADLY AS F! I live in Thailand. We have 35 snakes on land which can kill us, and then another 20 or so in the water which will put us on a slab. If you live in the USA – you know how many RATTLESNAKES you have? And what about you kids on the coast? Sharks? They’re in every saltwater ocean in the world! You’ll NEVER HEAR IT COMING!

5. THEY HAVE NO SOUL! The two beasts in the Animal Kingdom which have no signs of morality, compassion, or even a basic humanity, are SHARKS and SNAKES. Look into their eyes and it’s like SATAN’S SPAWN! Just like the guy at the top of this page! He’s scary as F because you can tell he’s dead inside, and yet he has this blue eyes which almost make him seem HUMAN! Don’t fall for it! It just doesn’t get any scarier than that!

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